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Tolling services are also available for high precision, high temperature thermal purification, carbonization, carbidization, and graphitization of customer materials. Pyrotek's proprietary furnace technology enables repeatable +99.995% purity, scales easily from research and development projects ( 1 kg) to continuous production ( 4000 MT / year), and uses clean, renewable and low-cost

3D Printing Service

Combining expertise in engineering and 3D printing technologies to create precision parts and models. Additive manufacturing – or 3D printing as it is also known – has rapidly become an ideal and cost effective technology for producing concept models, prototypes, one-off parts and even low to mid-volume production runs.

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Carbon Graphite Vane for Becker Vacuum Pump US $0.80-$20.00 / Piece 10.0 Pieces (Min Order) Qingdao Tennry Carbon graphitization, impregnation and other processes. 2.Our main products are graphite block, graphite round, and graphite machining 1/6

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Ranked as one of the top graphite machining facilities in the nation, Mersen Graphite has been at the forefront of the carbon and graphite industry for 100+ years. Mersen's primary objective is to create value for customers. With our-depth market knowledge and

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XRD Graphite provides custom graphite machining services to produce parts and components per customer specifications, technical drawing, rough sketch, or even a Concept. We utilize our processing techniques and facilities, CAD designer and qualified technicians with years of machining experience to produce consistent graphite products to meet current market demands.

Ceradyne, Inc. Acquires Interest in Graphite Machining

Ceradyne, Inc. Acquires Interest in Graphite Machining Services and Innovations, LLC 19 Aug, 2012 at 12:50 am COSTA MESA, CA–(Marketwire – August 10, 2012) – Ceradyne, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRDN ) announced that it has acquired a minority interest with an option to acquire all of Tempe, Arizona-based Graphite Machining Services and Innovations, LLC (GMSI).

About Us and our Custom Graphite Parts Design and

About Us and our Custom Graphite Parts Design and Machining Services About Us Our story Since its establishment in 2002, GraphiteStore, Inc. has been a leading supplier of carbon, graphite and ceramic products. Over the years we've expanded our

Graphite Machining Centers

Benefits of TMV-510G Graphite Machining Centers The TMV-510G is engineered for efficient production of precision graphite electrodes and similar items. This milling machine was solely designed for machining electrodes in graphite with particular attention paid to high spindle speeds, material containment and compact size that consumes very little valuable floor space.

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Graphtek LLC Machining Services Graphtek LLC is capable of machining and fabricating graphite and carbon-graphite parts of practically any size.We are equipped with band saws, horizontal mills, CNC mills and lathes, surface grinders and c/less grinders. We can

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About Graphite There are two types of graphite used in the industry: natural graphite and synthetic graphite. Natural graphite is a naturally occurring element and it is used mainly as a lubricant, carbon additive and pencil lead. Synthetic graphite is a petroleum based

Carbon Graphite Machining Turning Milling Grinding

Graphite machining services inc. provides precision cnc machining of graphite along with 2d and 3d milling, grinding and turning services. the company fabricates graphite parts for a number of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, mold and die

Graphite Machining

F3 Graphite The F3 Graphite uses a dry cutting process and a powerful dust collection system to maintain a clean working environment. The 20K high-speed spindle and Makino's proprietary SGI.5 Control Technology substantially shortens machining time and machining accuracy.

Graphite Rods, Graphite Plates, Machining

Becker Brothers Graphite Corp. is a leading supplier of custom manufactured carbon graphite products, carbon graphite blanks in various stock sizes (graphite rods and graphite plates), and carbon graphite machining services. With decades of experience and

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With over 25 years graphite material production and application experience, XRD Graphite(the top class molded graphite supplier) is keen to provide molded graphite with good quality and excellent follow-up service. All high purity Molded Pressed Graphite have

Graphite Machining Services Companies

Action Mold Machining is a service provider offering contract services for high-speed graphite machining. Our engineering experience allows us to customize for your unique machined graphite needs. We are committed to constant improvement and customer

Semco Carbon Graphite Machining

Our custom carbon and graphite machining capabilities are engineered from the ground up with our client's budget, goals, and expectations in mind. No matter the tolerance, no matter the finish, no matter how specific your need, our years of experience coupled with the most advanced machining resources will keep your organization humming with minimal delay.

Graphite Rods, Graphite Plates, Machining

Carbon graphite offers unique physical, chemical mechanical characteristics. Learn more about the advantages of graphite by visiting Becker Graphite. Mechanical carbon-graphite has high compressive strength. Becker's grades range from 11,000 – 38,000 lbs./sq

Graphite Machining, Products, and Applications

Graphite is used in the aerospace industry for a wide variety of applications. Heat Treating Synthetic graphite is used as engineered material to create precision machined plates, posts, nuts and bolts along with heating elements and fixtures used in the heat treatment of aerospace metals such as (titanium, stainless steel, and other alloys).

Graphite machining,graphite crucible,graphite

Iso-Molded Graphite, also named Isostatically Pressed Graphites or Isostatic Graphite、isotropic graphite. It is produced by the method of Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP). Graphite is iso-statically pressed is because it allows for uniform properties in all grain directions.

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Graphite Machining Inc. - Precision machining of graphite and carbon. Boats, crucibles, continuous casting dies, electrodes, fixtures, heating elements, parts, susceptors and refractory products. An industry leader, Graphite Machining has the unique ability to meet

Becker Brothers Graphite Corporation

Becker Brothers Graphite Corporation has earned its position as an industry leader with several decades of experience manufacturing graphite and carbon-graphite products. In the graphite industry, our company has earned a reputation for providing superior technical knowledge and quality products, and our experienced engineering and machining staff are the best in the business.

Everything About Graphite

For the process of electric discharge machining, the machining of electrically conductive materials, graphite offers considerable advantages over other materials. For example, it is possible to achieve a three to five-fold reduction in machining time in electron production with high-speed milling if graphite is used as the electrode material instead of copper.

Acrosemi Corporation

SST offers a full complement of products and services to meet all your needs for precision graphite products. We combine our extensive inventory of premium graphite materials with engineering and design services, precision machining of graphite, ceramics and metals, and post machining services such as cleaning, purification, coating and impregnation.

Graphite and Carbon

One of the biggest attributes of graphite is its ability to reach up to 5,000 degrees without burning, melting or changing its chemical composition. Graphite and Carbon Graphite Machining Recycling is a big part of our world today. While not everyone is a participant

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