investigations on vibration-assisted edm-machining of

Methodology for Selecting the Operating Conditions of a

2021/4/19The use of vibration in technological processes has been the subject of many studies [12,13]. For example, in machining, low-amplitude vibrations (from 2 m to 100 m) and frequencies ranging from a few Hz to 40 kHz were introduced [12].


during machining operations are of a complex structure. Vibration is an integral part of the manufacturing process and, also a crucial factor in high-speed machining for limiting the metal removal rates [18]. During machining, the formation of self-excited vibration is

Ultrasonic vibration

2007/7/18Previous studies have shown that ultrasonic vibration (US) can be used to assist traditional machining processes for improving machining efficiency. The successful applications include the US-assisted electro-discharge machining (EDM) of Nitinol microholes, which have significantly improved the machining efficiency [ 6 ].


Micro EDM is a refined form of popular machining method EDM and works on the same principle as conventional EDM works, Jafferson et al. [19] investigated effects of ultrasonic vibration and magnetic field in micro-edm milling of nonmagnetic materials MRR

Evaluation of Cutting Rate for Ultrasonic Work Piece

This paper present an investigation on cutting speed of ultrasonic vibration assisted wire electrical discharge machining (US-WEDM) for High carbon high chromium D3 Steel. An extensive research study was carried out with an aim to select the optimum cutting condition with the varying amplitude of vibration in order to get the optimum cutting speed for the proposed set-up.

(PDF) Optimization of Process Parameters in Die Sinking

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is one of the earliest non-traditional machining processes. EDM is a thermal process in which rapid and continuous spark is discharged between electrically conductive work piece and electrode in dielectric medium.

Experimental Characterization of Vibration

Mastud, S, Garg, M, Singh, R, , J, Joshi, S. Experimental Characterization of Vibration-Assisted Reverse Micro Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) for Surface Texturing. Proceedings of the ASME 2012 International Manufacturing Science and

Modeling of Vibration Assisted Micro Electrical Discharge

Further, the thermal model for vibration-assisted micro-EDM has been developed to understand the crater morphology and material removal mechanism in micro-EDM with aid of workpiece vibration. A numerical simulation has also been carried out to simulate the flushing of the debris from the gap between the electrodes when there was no vibration and when a vibration was applied to the

A Feasibility Study of Vibration

Nanomachining of brittle materials is required in a wide range of applications. This paper reports on the feasibility studies of vibration-assisted nano-impact machining by loose abrasives (VANILA), a novel nanomachining process for target-specific nanomachining of

An Overview of Electro Discharge Machining:

4. Water Based EDM 5. Micro EDM 4.1 Ultrasonic vibration Assisted EDM Machine: Acquaintance of ultrasonic vibration with the cathode is one of the techniques used to grow the utilization of EDM and to enhance the machining execution on hard to

Machining forces in ultrasonic

Ultrasonic assisted milling (UAM) is one of the advancements in the area of conventional milling process. Literature suggests that superpositioning of ultrasonic vibration with milling process improves its efficacy by reducing forces and improving surface finish. In the

Reliability allocation of rotary ultrasonic vibration

Rotary ultrasonic vibration-assisted EDM is a composite machining method which uses EDM technology to process metal surface and adds rotation and ultrasonic vibration. In this paper, the failure rate of each module of the rotary ultrasonic vibration-assisted EDM

Analysis of material removal and surface generation

2020/8/11Ultrasonic vibration–assisted machining is a common form of hybrid machining method, which has been applied to various kinds of machining applications. Yan et al. pointed out system matching conception between ultrasonic system and machine tool system by analyzing the material removal volume and surface generation mechanism [ 1 ].

Investigations on Vibration

2013/1/1Up to now, although vibration-assisted EDM- machining has been studied by many researchers, most of the studies focused on micro-EDM operations and on ultrasonic EDM-machining. There is no application of this technology for the machining of high aspect ratio cavities, which present the worst problems regarding bad flushing conditions.

Methodology for Selecting the Operating Conditions of a

2021/4/19The use of vibration in technological processes has been the subject of many studies [12,13]. For example, in machining, low-amplitude vibrations (from 2 m to 100 m) and frequencies ranging from a few Hz to 40 kHz were introduced [12].


ultrasonic vibration to machining fluid [4]. However tool electrode vibration assisted micro-EDM could be applied in the previous work to examine the effects on MRR and TWR. A method of micro-drilling of high aspect ratio micro-holes is established, in


2018/3/29The vibration-assisted EDM machining was done at 40, 90, and 140 Hz, and the material removal rate, tool electrode wear rate, and surface roughness of the specimens were compared. Experimental results revealed that the material removal rate with vibration-assisted EDM was better than that obtained using unassisted EDM with copper and copper-tungsten electrodes.

Fabrication of Micro Structures by Ultrashort Voltage Pulse Electrical Discharge Machining

tions between machining efficiency and machining precision due to its stray etching. 3.3. The Influence of Workpiece Vibration on EDM Considering debris removal from the hole is a key factor in micro-EDM. The ul-trasound-assisted workpiece machining was

Analysis Optimization of Parameters during EDM of Aluminium

Pandey and Shrivastava [4] compared the conventional EDM and vibration assisted electric arc machining (VEAM) during the machining of Al/B 4 C MMC. Result implied that VEAM enhanced the MRR 300 % more as compare to conventional EDM. Khan et al

Daniel M. Madyira

Daniel M. Madyira, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, Mechanical Engineering Science Department, Faculty Member. Studies Engineering, Mechanical Behavior Of Materials, and Fatigue. University of Johannesburg, South Africa, Mechanical Engineering Science, Faculty Member

Investigations on Vibration

2016/1/1CIRP Annals €" Manufacturing Technology 63(2), pp. 703€"726. [4] Uhlmann, E.; Domingos D. C. (2013): Investigations on Vibration- Assisted EDM-Machining of Seal Slots in High-Temperature Resistant Materials for Turbine Components. Procedia CIRP 6

[PDF] State

Vibration-assisted machining (VAM) is an external energy assisted machining method to improve the material removal process by superimposing high frequency and small amplitude vibration onto tool or workpiece motion. VAM has been applied to several machining processes, including turning, drilling, grinding, and more recently milling, for the processing of hard-to-machine materials. This paper

A high

This study is focused on the fabrication of a high-density, super-high-aspect-ratio microprobe array using high-frequency vibration assisted inverse micro w-EDM (wire electric discharge machining). An inverse micro w-EDM design in which a brass wire ϕ20 μm in diameter is located beneath the workpiece for bottom-up machining is devised.

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